Friday, January 11, 2008

Pondering this week's SS lesson

The Sabbath School lesson for this week is about God making Adam & Eve. A couple nights ago L apparently really listened to the story for the first time, and was very intrigued by it all. First, she thought it was hillarious that "I'm made out of mud!!" then we continued the story and read about God taking Adam's rib to make Eve. This of course had them both stopping to ask questions like "didn't that hurt Adam?" and "what's a rib?". But once they'd processed all that L said "so I'm not made out of mud, I'm made out of a rib?" (I really wish I could get the voice inflections recorded here, she was so . . . disgusted, I guess is the best word, at this information). She decided she wished she was a boy so she could be made out of mud instead of a rib.

Tonight she told me "God's lucky, He got to play in the mud" and A declared it "disgusting" to "breath on mud" but L decided she wanted to try it and see if would work for her. When I pointed out that she's not God she said, "I can still try. It never hurts to try, Mommy"

A also noticed, as I read the story tonight, that the words of the memory verse are IN the story. This may be the first time they've really made the "connection" between the memory verse & the actual lesson story.

Oh and one day this week during circle time when we were practicing the memory verse, L was being silly and saying the text wrong (changed 26 to 21, I think) and I told her "you need to learn it correctly, those numbers will help you be able to find the text in the Bible once you can read" and she immediately started practicing the correct text, and has been saying it correctly ever since.

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