Monday, January 7, 2008

This Weekend

I'm running a couple days behind LOL. Sabbath afternoon my parents took the girls & I, and my grandma, to Brookside Gardens and then to visit my second cousin to "meet" their new baby. It took the girls, especially Ashlyn, a little while to "warm up" to Brookside, but once she got into it, she was totally loving the trains and such. Then L was smelling flowers & smelled one that had a bunch of yellow pollen that got all over her nose. She thought that was hilarious and then A had to join in on it, so L took her to smell the same flowers (the picture on the left is them getting more pollen on their noses). Later we went over to S&R's house to meet their baby. The girls told us on the way there that babies are boring & they didn't even want to see the baby (when I pointed out that if they don't like babies, maybe we shouldn't have any more (they've been campaigning for another baby for the last year or so), A told me "I only like babies that are my brother or sister!") but they warmed up to him pretty quickly once we got there. Especially since he was smiling at them hee hee. The highlight of the evening, however was when R brought out one of the dogs. S&R have 3 huge dogs, but had them in the back room since they get too excited with company, but at the end of the evening R did bring out Kiki. She's a Great Dane and seriously taller than the girls. She's very well trained, so the girls got to pet her, and R let L "tell her to sit" (Kiki is trained to respond to hand signals, so while L said "Kiki sit!" R made the hand signal for sit, so she sat), L was SOOO excited. The girls also got to give her some food. They were very excited to tell Daddy about the big dog they got to help with.

Sunday dh stayed home, and let the girls help him make pancakes for breakfast. They have been talking about making pancakes with Daddy for MONTHS, it used to be a Sunday tradition but lately he's been working every Sunday morning, so it's been a LONG time since they've been able to make pancakes with Daddy. They were SOO excited! :)

ETA: The rest of the pictures from Brookside, and others from this month, are here.

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