Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Week's Homeschool Wrap-up

We didn't get to go to the Kinder Konzert on Thursday because of the snow.

A finished her lapbook early in the week, and was very enthusiastic about doing more, guess I should start looking for a Noah's ark one LOL. L decided to do the last mini-book "the next day" and never wanted to do it. We'll see if she finishes it this week LOL.

Since we couldn't go to the Kinder Konzert, we listened to Peter and the Wolf instead (more detail on that in the last post). And we used instruments to play along.

We've been adding to our winter nature table, all week and will continue adding to it over the course of the unit, beginning to move toward spring as the weather changes.

We also took a listening walk through the snow, listening to the snow fall, the water from the stream, our boots crunching in the snow . . .

Kindermusik went well this week as well. They're starting to learn to read music, though they may not realize it yet LOL. A was very proud of herself that she "was a train, all by myself" when some of the kids were choosing not to participate, and L was playing the glochenspeil (sp?) as the train whistle.

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