Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weird January Weather

Yesterday was SOOO warm!!! I didn't look to see the offiical temperature, but I went outside (to go to the playground w/ the kids) in a fleece pullover & turned right around & left the pullover in the house, just went in a l-s tee. The girls asked to ride their bikes to the playground (last summer we talked about riding their bikes to the one that's farther away, but they weren't sure enough of themselves riding on sidewalks (as opposed to the street, since we live on a small cul de sac so they learned to ride in the cul de sac) so we never did it) so they did. They were in the mood to pose for the camera at the playground so I took quite afew pictures, mostly of them jumping off the ladder.

After we'd been there a little while a neighbor came with her triplets (that are a couple months older than our girls). Her son wasn't feeling well, so she asked if I could keep an eye on the 2 girls while she took him home and then came back (I'm going to assume there was another adult at home to stay with him LOL). I was amazed at how easily her girls stayed at the playground with essentially a total stranger. When the kids were all MUCH younger she brought them over to play in our cul de sac some (because they live along the busier road) but I'd say it's been over a year since we've seen them, and would be very surprised if the girls remembered me at all. I think she called me "the neighbor" when she told the girls she was leaving (she's deaf, though the kids aren't, so she talks some (I have a hard time understanding her but the kids seem to) but also uses sign language with her kids, so she may have given them more details than I heard) and they were fine with it. After she left I asked them what their names were (didn't remember the names, much less who was who), they are D & V and told them my name. And then the 4 girls, and eventually 2 other girls that were also there, all started playing together.
D was the more outgoing of the two, and I had to laugh she used some of the same phrases & expressions that L uses (ones that I've never figured out where L got, so maybe it's just a "4 thing" LOL). Once the mom came back and we were talking, she said that D is the "bossy one" whereas V is very laid back, and the boy is in the middle. But all the kids played together quite well considering how bossy my two can be.

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