Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

The girls actually were awake to ring the new year in last night (and only slept in an extra hour, if that, this morning . . . yawn!!!) Some friends of ours threw a New Years Eve party & we went, fully expecting, especially when L refused to nap yesterday afternoon. She was quiet for the required time period but never went to sleep, the girls would be tired/fussy enough by 9pm or so that we'd go home. We parked accordingly, so we'd be able to get out (P&A do nothing in a small way, when I got there yesterday afternoon & asked what the final expected guest count was, she told me, she was expecting over 60, and wouldn't be surprised if it was over 70 . . . no idea how many people were actually there. So we anticipated parking being an issue). But anytime we suggested leaving, they insisted they wanted to stay, the one time when I thought dh was ready to go home & started working toward that point (with warnings to the kids) I realized that in the time it took me to track the kids down for a "first warning", dh had joined a card game, so figured eh, he's busy, kids want to play, why bother.

In theory we're taking the Christmas decorations down today. In reality we're meeting Daddy, Mama & Papa, and I'm guessing Aunt L (since she'll be helping Daddy at the shop today) for lunch today, and then (hopefully) going up to get milk (but I forgot to e-mail & reserve the milk until I was at the party last night, so I didn't get a chance to e-mail until this morning. I'm guessing it'll be fine, because I highly doubt they milk truck will be picking milk up today (the only time it's been a problem was when she didn't get my e-mail until after the truck had come that morning, which meant we had to wait until the afternoon milking to get our milk), but if not, when I told Kim last night that I'd forgotten to reserve our milk, she said if I couldn't get it today she could probably get it later this week. . . so we shall see if the tree actually makes it down. And tomorrow we're helping Kim re-do the Sabbath School room, so it might be Thurs before it actually comes down, we shall see . . .

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