Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Home Keeper's Journal - Spring Time Changes

I like the idea of this journal and thought I'd join in. 
This week the Homekeeper’s Journal is about Spring Time Changes.
In My Kitchen This Week … I'm catching up from being sick last week, and focusing on decluttering the rest of my kitchen cabinets (started several weeks ago, then got side-tracked).
Changes I Make To My Home In Spring … Open the windows whenever I possibly can! Switch from flannel sheets to regular ones. Work on washing the afghans and throw blankets on nice days (so they can dry on the line, not the dryer) and pack most of them away for the summer.
Changes In My Schedule … I can't think of any specific schedule changes, other than making sure to make time for plenty of outdoor time for the kids.
Changes In My Yard/Homestead … Right now I'm just excited that the ice and snow are GONE (well, there's still ice in the middle of the pond, but it's almost gone). I want to clean up the flower/herb beds in preparation for a new growing season. Hopefully we'll have bulbs coming up soon, and all the perennials have survived our colder than usual winter.
What I Look Forward to This Spring … Sunshine, FRESH AIR, warmth! Being able to use the clothesline more of the time!
Spring Brings with It … the geese . . . they actually arrived back at our pond today. Now to teach a 2 year old the art of not walking in the goose poop that is a part of summer in our yard.
A Sure Sign Of Spring … the sun coming up earlier (Little Bit thinks she should get her morning nursing session much earlier now . . . I think she's slowly realizing that the sun is no longer a reliable indication that Mommy's ready to get up for the day, hee hee). I can't wait for it to be warm enough to leave windows open overnight, then the birds waking me up in teh morning will tell me it's really truly spring!
A Favorite Spring Activity … starting the garden,  going for more walks in the woods. Honestly, I know I'm weird, but there's not much I enjoy more than hanging the laundry on the line on a beautiful spring morning! I look forward to it all winter long!


catholic traveller said...

Oh, I love hanging clothes on the line on a nice spring day too! I know what you mean about how nice it smells.

Amy said...

I was out planting seeds this morning. Love Spring!

I am now following your blog.

Clare said...

Hello, I've found your blog via the Home Keeper Journal challenge. I toolove line drying, and after three years of drying inside on a clothes horse in my old 6th floor flat, I'm very excited to be able to dry outside in my new houses garden! We never had a dryer growing up; line dried bed sheets smell just amazing.