Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Home Keeper's Journal - This and That

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about This And That!
In My Kitchen this week……….. the big girls made guacamole for lunch (part of our new nutrition study . . . this week is "brain food"). We tried a yummy new Greek Salad, it was a winner! And Little Bit has figured out how to get her own water out of the Berkey Water Filter system.
In My Yard …….. the daffodils are peeking up, so are the chives. There's green on the thyme. . . now to find time to start on this year's garden . . . 
I’ve been thinking ….about ministering as Jesus ministered. A friend from high school sent out a message on facebook asking for volunteers to help at the ministry he runs, serving the homeless, teaching reading to those who don't know how, such great ministries, truly meeting the NEEDS of hurting people, not just worrying about whether church membership is up and tithe is being paid and the outreach is resulting in baptisms . . . THAT is serving, as Jesus serves! And then the next day Japan . . . again, real needs, makes all the gripes I have seem so silly!!!
What motivates me more than anything else is ….. some big event, right now, the girls' birthday! We'll be celebrating all 3 birthdays a week from Sabbath (which is Little Bit's birthday, the big girls' birthday is 2 days later). Time to get the house ready for their birthday! I need to schedule some big event every month or two, then maybe I'd keep up with the housework better!
My Devotional life and walk with Christ …. has been going well lately. I'm enjoying the study on Motherhood that I've been doing.  Little Bit has never been one to stay asleep if I get up, but now she's old enough that she can play with big sisters, or "help" them with their morning chores while I have my quiet time, I'm really cherishing that after a season of grabbing bits & pieces of Bible-reading when I could. I also just finished reading Quiet Times in Loud Households, it's inspired me! 
I struggle ….. to have patience. And to remember to praise more than I criticize my children. It's not that there isn't plenty to praise, I just forget . . . 
I dread …. I really don't have anything for this one . . . life is good, the future looks bright. . . I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could think of something, but I choose not to dwell on it, so I won't . . . 
But I look forward …. to watching my children grow into lovely, godly young women! They are growing up SO FAST! I can't wait to see what God has in store for them!

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