Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Bit of What Little Bit has Been Learning

Little Bit is 23 months old

I didn't get any pictures of Little Bit this week, but of course she's always learning . . . 

And along those lines (and because I'll forget by next week), her big sisters just brought me a "menu" and took my "order" for tea. After which Little Bit promptly got a piece of drawing paper and brought it to me saying "tea?" Gotta love it!

She's continuing to LOVE the toddler swing that I was beginning to think would never get enough love to be worth the time Dad spent hanging it on our porch.

The Blues Clue memory game is definitely the favorite right now. She plays her own version of match by dumping them all out and then we work together to put them away (I put one of each pair in the box & hand her the other "half" to match up). We also play memory, and she's starting to learn to take turns instead of me watching while she plays.

I found a small Dora the Explorer flannel board and felts at Goodwill, and that's a favorite as well, and wonderfully portable. She loves to carry it with her (it came in a nice zippered case) and spends a surprisingly long time putting the felts on the board over and over and over again. I have to admit, I'm thrilled about this, I got the big girls various feltboard toys at this age and they couldn't have cared less, I *loved* felts as a kid, apparently I finally have a kid who shares my love! Now to find the sets that I kept from when the big girls were little.

She loves to "pretend" if there's a picture of food in a book or whtaever, she pretends to "eat it" with the most impish look on her face. I love seeing her figure out that world of pretend!

She continues to like drawing. While cleaning last week I found the small set of block crayons and was so excited to give her those as another option besides the pencils she's been using, but so far, she doesn't "get" the block crayons. She tries to lay them flat instead of using an edge to color with. Oh well, she's still loving the pencils. She often tells me what she's "drawing" . . . animals, etc. So cute.

And that's a little bit of what Little Bit has been up to this past week! Visit 1+1+1=1 for more Tot School posts!

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