Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 20

We've had a good week. Some nice warm weather for outside play. On Thursday we took advantage of the nice weather and the big girls pushed Little Bit in the swing for EVER while I got the minivan cleaned out! Didn't get it 100% done (there are still a couple areas I didn't tackle) but it was much much much much MUCH better, whew!

One day this week as we drove in the driveway the girls noticed a heron next to the pond. Our car didn't bother it, so we parked and stayed in the car a few minutes watching it before I got out & attempted to take a picture or two (the zoom on my phone camera was sadly lacking for this purpose LOL).

We "switched gears" for nutrition, to use a new review product, Nutrition 101. And as a bonus, the company, Growing Healthy Homes has offered my readers a coupon code!! You can use coupon code TOScrew11 to save 15% off your order from Growing Healthy Homes. The timing worked well since we'd just finished our "kitchen" unit in Vintage Remedies for Girls and were ready to start the skin care unit. So now we're back in the kitchen, learning about various body systems. This week was the brain. We made guacamole, since avacado is good brain food . . . yum!

For the most part, everything else was just keeping on keeping on . . . but that's a good thing, simple and straight forward is always a good thing.

Friday we headed to my parents' house for the weekend. My aunt, uncle, and cousin were here visiting my grandparents, so we came down to see them, and to celebrate all 3 girls' birthdays with them, and my grandparents (who have finally decided they're too old to travel to our house for such things. I think it's the steep staircase leading to the only bathroom that is the biggest deterrent LOL).

When we got here on Friday, the weather was SOOO nice (70's! LOVE IT!) that Mama & Papa decided to give the big girls their main present (new bikes) early instead of waiting till next weekend. So they set up a treasure hunt and sent the girls hunting.  Once they got their new bikes, they were well entertained for the afternoon LOL.

Grandma & Grandpa's cat has kittens right now, so we went to visit them too. Interestingly enough, while the kittens cried and clawed to get down when the big girls or any of us adults held them, they were were amazingly still, and didn't scratch when Little Bit held them. Perhaps they were petrified with fear, but it worked out well. Grandpa got a real kick out of watching Little Bit with the kittens, hee hee. She would hold the kitten in her lap for a minute, then set it on the floor and say "run!" when it ran away from her she'd chase after it, pick it up, bring it back to the living room, and do it all over again.

Saturday night the girls got their birthday gifts from Aunt Darla & Uncle Jim and Grandma & Grandpa. The big girls' gift from Darla & Jim was a trip to a live theater performance of Beauty and the Beast at a theater near their house (in TN) this summer. Needless to say, the girls are looking forward to it!  Little Bit got an Elmo Piano book that she LOVES!! Thankfully the volume is set low enough, and it's just music, not Elmo's voice, so it won't drive me nuts. And potentially, down the road, might help her learn to read music in a very basic sense. She also got an Elmo backpack, which is, of course, a big hit! Grandma & Grandpa gave all 3 girls a subscription to Nature Friend magazine! We had a subscription a couple years ago and really liked it (in addition to having great little stories and activities, it's creation-based which is getting harder and harder to find these days! So will be nice to have it again, now that the big girls are old enough to read it themselves, and Little Bit is so animal obsessed.

So that pretty much sums up our week.

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