Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 13

This past week was book club week. I participate in 2 book clubs each month. One on the 2nd Tues of the month and one on the 2nd Thurs. Depending on the month, sometimes they're on different weeks and sometimes they're on the same week. This month, they were the same week.

Tues night's book club is at our neighbor, Judy's house. Little Bit comes with me and the big girls get special "Daddy time". This month he took them to Chuckee Cheese :o)

Thurs night's book club is hoested by our pastor's wife, Linda and is for moms of young children. All the girls come with me to that one. The big girls spend part of their time with Pastor Mike, talking his ear off and generally keeping him young, hee hee. Little Bit and her friend, J, play together on the floor as we talk. Linda recently came back from a few weeks in FL, collecting shells (and I'm sure doing other things, hee hee) she showed the girls her shells, and some of the crafts she makes with them. Then she set them up, with Pastor Mike supervising, and let them each make a shell craft too. Needless to say, they loved that!

We wrapped up our Princess and the Kiss Life Lessons at the beginning of the week, and moved on to our "next years" Bible. . . we'll be reading through the Bible chronologically using The Daily Bible. But not trying to go at the recommended pace, I just kind of play it by ear, stopping when it seems like a good spot. Then each day they either copy one verse from the reading, or draw a picture, or both. Once we've gone all the way through, I told the girls I'd bind the pictures and copywork all together into a book, they like that idea, even if they sometimes, especially L, whine about doing the copywork.

Our nutrition study this week was about starting a garden. It's still a tad cold and muddy here for much of that, but we did talk through some of what we'll be doing. The girls are excited about gardening, we'll see if they stick with it better this summer, hee hee.

The girls are starting to express frustration at how slowly our music class is progressing . . . they want to be concert pianists NOW! LOL.

L has been doing really well with moving forward with her typing, now that she has e-mail as an incentive, hee hee. A continues to practice her typing and spelling by sending frequent e-mails to the grandparents, etc.

Our "extra" time this week was spent with them entertaining Little Bit and me decluttering in the bedroom and spare room. My momentum ground to a halt after we figured out and plugged the hole where the wasps were coming in, but I did manage to get a good start on things. Hoping to continue the progress, but on the main floor, this week and next, in preparation for the girls' birthday celebration.

Ever since we were all sick a couple weeks ago, Little Bit has become picky about which side she nurses on. I'm not sure if my supply was low while I was sick and that gave her the idea that she had 2 sides at her disposal, or what, but now she will randomly ask to nurse on "side" as she pats whichever side she thinks she needs right then. So one morning when she came up and asked for "side", as she latched on I asked her "why do you want that side, is it the chocolate side?" she nodded yes . .. hmmmm . . .and ever since then, if I ask her "what's this" and pat that side, she 'll tell me "chocolate" . . . silly kid!

And those are the highlights of our week . . . we hope you've had a great week too!

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