Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simple things excite me . . .

Ok, I know this sounds silly, but I'm easily amused.

For awhile now, I've been getting the daily reminders from Menus4Moms but, as I've "tweaked" my cleaning schedule, I've set up zones that are different from the ones on Menus4Moms and was basically continuing to get the reminders to remind me to then check my own zone cleaning list to see what I was supposed to do today. But, for the most part up until now, I've spent my "zone cleaning" time decluttering anyway, so the specifics of what other cleaning might be being done that day haven't mattered. BUT this week is, on my zone cleaning chart, the family room & thanks to getting ready for Christmas and having kept the girls on track to pick up toys each evening, it's decluttered (other than needing to take the Christmas stuff down, which will be part of the zone cleaning time this week). So, it suddenly occurred to me that I could set google calendars up to send me daily reminders instead of the M4M ones, and that way I could set them to send reminders specific to the zones/tasks that *I* plan to actually do.

I spent awhile this evening setting up the first 3 weeks (though the one week is "basement" and at this point, the only possible cleaning I can do down there is decluttering, so I haven't bothered figuring out what cleaning chores I'll do down there if/when I ever get it fully decluttered. Anyway I'm excited. If you're totally bored and want to see how I have it set up, you can see it here.

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Ann said...

I'm working on a new household schedule too. I love the household notebooks that many bloggers talk about, but I can't keep it going all year long. I'm trying to find something that fits my personality. Perhaps a google calendar is a possibility.