Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gratituesday: The Expressiveness of Childhood

This weekend we went to see fireworks. I love watching fireworks anyway. And I especially love going to this particular place to see fireworks because there aren't that many people, and they shoot them off w/ a backdrop of mountains and nature and it's just GORGEOUS!! But this year, it was made even more fun by listening to L exclaim in delight after every single firework! She's my chatterbox anyway (they both love to talk, but L especially talks ALL the time) and she just kept a running commentary the WHOLE time! I love seeing things through the eyes of kids, they make the wonder of it all that much more apparent as they experience them for the first time (or not, but a year's a long time for a little kid, so they don't remember them so much from year to year).

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JadeMerie said...

Sounds like much fun! :)

Laura said...

Your fireworks display sounds beautiful! How sweet to hear they joy from your little one.

MammaMia said...

Fireworks are fun! My daughter is still talking about the "big fireworks that she saw!