Wednesday, July 16, 2008


  • We're FINALLY continuing on from seeing sheep sheared and learning about teasing, carding, spinning . . . etc. So, I pulled out our lamb puppet to have for circle time and such. During circle time this morning A told me "I like armadillos alot, but my MOST favorite animal is a lamb because it's the animal people used to have to kill to remember Jesus". WOW! I'm amazed sometimes at what these kids have remembered and comprehended from our reading. She went on to say "it's sad AND happy. Sad because the little lamb had to die, but happy because the people were thinking about Jesus."
  • It occurred to me today that if the girls worked together they could actually put most of the dishes away when they unload the dishwasher (they've been doing the silverware for a long time, and sometimes will "help" me unload the rest, but it's always just meant they hand me the dishes & I try to put stuff away as fast as they hand it to me, so definitely doesn't really HELP me, and tends to frustrate me, and them). So today it finally clicked w/ me, that they climb on their stool and get cups OUT of the cupboard on their own, if one stood on the stool & the other handed her the dishes, they could put them away. So they unloaded the WHOLE dishwasher! (all I had to put away was a few things that went on the even higher shelves, but that was no big deal) and THEN they decided they could load it too. It definitely wasn't loaded EFFICIENTLY, but they emptied my sink of dirty dishes :)
  • As we were going outside to bring in the laundry today A asked me "if you had a baby, would you leave it in the house while you went out to do laundry?" I said that no, I'd probably wear the baby in a sling. So she had to go upstairs & find a sling for her doll. She ended up grabbing one of the toy MeiTais that mom made them a few years ago (for point of reference for those not as ummm . . . obsessed . . . with baby carriers as I am LOL, this is an example of a MT) and I suggested that she was probably old enough now to be able to put the MT on correctly (she wants to "do it myself" so ends up just kind of wrapping the MT and straps around herself however she can do it that semi-holds the doll, then gets mad if the doll falls out), she finally agreed. It took some working on it, but I think she has it! She put baby in & out of it MANY times this evening (dolls are MUCH more tolerant of "mommy" learning a new carrier than babies are LOL). So, that was her accomplishment for the day.

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