Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Wrap-Up

We're home from our weekend, now to catch up . . .

Last week was a good week. We got the school room essentially set up (& last night I hung a toy clothesline rope above the windows and we'll use clothespins to hang artwork on it woo-hoo). The girls helped clean (& fought over who got to do what, not sure if that's good (they want to clean) or bad (they're fighting) LOL).

We started working on the Nature Notebook they got for Christmas (the move delayed everything but in this case it's working out well, much easier to do "nature" stuff w/ all the nature around us than it was in the subdivision where we used to live LOL). They had fun making leaf prints to put in their notebook we planned out a toad house but then Daddy came home & they opted to play w/ Daddy instead of actually setting up the toad house. Plan was to do it today but umm . . . it's pouring so we shall see . . . On the bright side, if it ever stops raining it should be ideal for doing the mammal (animal tracks) activity that we didn't do last week because it needs to be done when there's mud around. Should be plenty of that now LOL.

We also wrapped up what we're going to do in Children and Painting. It's a book I expect we'll revisit in a couple years, lots of good ideas if/when they'd like to really learn more about painting. I am noticing that they are more willing to try specific techniques and such then they were even a few months ago (for most of this curriculum they've thoroughly balked against doing specific painting "assignments" preferring to do their own thing) so they're getting there. We'll come back to it at somepoint I suspect.

Friday was the parade in the rain.

Then Sabbath we went down to my parents' house. A did all the packing for herself & L. They spent the afternoon tiring Mama out, then Sat night we went to fireworks at a resort community where some of my parents' friends life. They are my absolute favoritest fireworks EVAR! You sit so close & they're right up overhead & the backdrop is the mountains and it's just so amazingly gorgeous & peaceful! We went there 2 years ago for the girls' first fireworks experience & they enjoyed it but were abit freaked out by it all. Last year we went to Antietam's fireworks (another favorite of mine, especially since it was dh's & my first date (16 years ago!). This year the girls were old enough to really appreciate the absolute amazingness of the fireworks without being scared. I think L kept the whole group well entertained w/ her exclaimations of "HOW COOL!!!" after LOL. When Grandma asked her (on Sunday) how the fireworks were her description was "at the end it went boom boom boom . . . . I thought it would NEVER stop!" hee hee.

Yesterday we stopped by to visit Kim and family & meet the new baby. She's a dream baby (slept the whole time we were there, and Kim said that's normal). And the girls had fun playing w/ the other kids for awhile while we visited (& I got to cuddle a sweet sleeping baby). Then we went back to the old house & loaded up the LAST load of stuff to bring up here. Woo-hoo! The girls are having an increasingly hard time w/ the back and forth, so I'm glad we're done. Interestingly, L had a minor freakout when we loaded her old bedframe onto Dad's trailer to take to their house to store. Once I pointed out that sending it to mom & dad's house meant we WERE keeping it & leaving it at the old house would mean we weren't keeping it, she settled down LOL. Anyway, I think it's a good thing that we're done going back.

And now we're home. It's raining, so much for my plan to get caught up on laundry (and hang it outside) today, sigh . . .

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