Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

First some quick "reviews" of some of the new recipes we've tried in the last couple of weeks:

Greek Macaroni Salad Did I rave about this? We had it a few weeks ago & we all loved this! Our family tends to be a creamy pasta salad kind of family (probably because none of us like vinegar except for cleaning LOL) but since this uses lemon juice, that wasn't an issue. My girls ate it by the plateful. DH ate it, and said he'd eat it again. My parents got here the evening after we'd had leftovers of it for supper & mom saw it on the counter, tried it & told me she needed the recipe (so mom, if you hadn't tracked it down before now, here it is LOL).

Lettuce Wraps This is not a "budget" recipe, but it's healthy & my girls LOVED it. DH wasn't as impressed, but I think he'd tolerate it once in awhile. I'll tend to make it on days he works late or doesn't come home for lunch or whatnot.

Maidrites I made this on Friday when dh was gone to a funeral, and my parents were here. Not sure what dh will think of it, but we all liked it. Very similar to the veggie burgers my mom makes, but easier since you bake it instead of frying it into patties.

Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas I thought these were good. I used this recipe to replace the cream of chicken soup and it worked well. And of course used vegetarian chicken. DH didn't like them (didn't really say why, just said he didn't) and the girls ate them, but didn't rave about them or ask for more, so we won't be making them again around here. But for less picky families, I'd still recommend them :)

And now, on to this week's menu. We have VBS this week in the evenings, so I may give up and just do sandwiches or something some nights. I'm hoping by using the crockpot a bunch, that will shift the cooking early enough in the day to make it work. We're also tentatively planning to take the girls to Hershey (the chocolate factory tour) on Friday, though as the week progresses, I'll decide if I think doing that AND the final night of VBS are too much for one day, in which case we'll shift Hershey to next week. But for now the menu reflects being gone to Hershey on Fri.

See other menus here.


Teresa said...

I was wondering how you get your google calendar to post like this? I absolutely love the way it looks on your blog. Oh yeah, your menu sounds good too, ;)

Kate said...

What a fabulous menu you have plan. I love how you use the google calendar for it. That is a fantastic idea.

Sweetpeas said...

Hi Teresa, I explain how to do the google calendar thing here

Teresa said...

Sweetpeas, thank you so much for telling me where to find your WFMW post. I'm gonna see what I can do to set me up something similar. I'm all for making things easier on myself.