Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Scream, You Scream . . .


Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?
Did you know that From Dates to Diapers is hosting an Ice Cream Social with fun ice-cream prizes?

I LOVE ice cream! I'll take ice cream over cake any day (or a DQ ice cream cake, YUM!! (DQ is smart enough to make their ice cream cake JUST ICE CREAM instead of throwing cake in with it like the other brands, bleh!)) I blame my parents . . . I was only a few months old when they went to Baskin Robbins. As I sat on mom's lap watching her eat every bite, they, being kind, loving parents, thought it would be great fun to give the baby a bite of ice cream & see her make funny faces because it's so cold . . . but I fooled them! I LOVED it!!! Took the bite & opened my mouth for more (don't try this at home (or at the ice cream parlor) feeding a young baby pralines and cream ice cream is begging for allergy problems, but I was fine and my parents didn't know any better LOL). ANYWAY . . . I've loved ice cream ever since. . .

And this week I'll be sharing some random bits of ice cream trivia . . .

Monday's Trivia Bit: Portland, OR consumes the most ice cream per capita of any state.
Tuesday's Trivia Bit: 25% of Baskin Robbins' ice cream sales are for plain vanilla . . . this shocks me! I love ice cream, but I can't imagine going into Baskin Robbins and ordering plain vanilla!! Unless maybe that's counting the ice cream they use in their milkshakes & such, which is primarily vanilla ice cream w/ toppings added? Maybe?
Wednesday's Trivia Bit: A Baltimore company first sold home ice cream makers to stores in 1851.

And a Bonus anecdote from my childhood: When I was little, the local Baskin Robbins was owned, or at least run, by a husband/wife team & they had a daughter about my age. Going out for ice cream gave me time to visit with a friend while I ate ice cream. AND they were always nice enough to give me an empty cup so that I could eat my bubble gum ice cream in a cone, but still have the cup to save all the bubble gum in for later (whenever we went to OTHER Baskin Robbins I had to get it in a cup and just push the bubble gum to the side while I ate my ice cream).

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