Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Berry Picking

One of our weekend discoveries was that there are a bunch of wild raspberry bushes scattered around the property where we live. That, in and of itself, WORKS FOR ME!! Free raspberries, there for the picking, no cultivating required :) But, that's not so helpful to the rest of you so here's my tip for the day. I stumbled upon it by accident . . .

Yesterday the girls & I went berry picking (they've been keeping the bush in our back yard picked clean, eating while they pick, but we wanted to venture abit farther afield and actually pick some to bring home). The girls each had a small bucket that worked well for them, but I needed to find something for me to pick into. I grabbed a basket that I hadn't filled w/ anything yet, but I didn't want to relegate it to permanent berry basket by getting raspberry stains all over it so I grabbed a couple of the cheap washcloths that we use instead of papertowels and lined the basket w/ them. It wasn't till I got home & was transferring the berries to a pyrex bowl to put in the fridge that I discovered a lovely fringe benefit of my cloth lined basket. Rather then trying to dump the fragile berries from the big basket into the smaller bowl, all I did was gently roll all the berries to one end so they were all one one cloth, then I picked the cloth up by it's 4 corners & gently poured the berries from the cloth into the bowl. Easy Peasy, simple as pie (as my children would say). So now, even if I DO end up designating a basket for berry picking, I'll be making sure to line the basket w/ an old dish towel (which would have been even easier than having to gather them all to one end to get them all on one cloth) for ease of transferring them to a bowl later. And that's what Works for Me today.

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Ranee said...

This is a timely one for me, as blackcaps are ripe here, blueberries are coming ripe and blackberries will be ripe in a few weeks. Thank you!

Ranee @ Arabian Knits