Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Kind of a weird week. My parents are coming up so we can go to Sesame Place again on Thurs, so Thursdays meals reflect my best guess on that day (not sure yet if we'll take picnic-y stuff to eat for lunch and stop somewhere on our way home or if we'll go out to Taco Bell for lunch and eat sandwiches on the way home in the car, but either way, those are most likely that day's meals. Breakfast will be either cereal before we leave or something we can eat in the car on the way. Friday my parents will still be here in the morning & then in the afternoon dh is taking the girls to his mom's for a weekend sleepover so I'll be all by my lonesome for the weekend, which means I can't be bothered to menu plan. But, such as it is, here's this week's menu:

To see other menus for this week go here.

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