Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Laura at Heavenly Homemakers hosts Gratituesday each week. I love the reminder to be grateful in all things (I've blogged about the importance of this verse in the past), so thought I'd join in here, as a weekly reminder to myself to not only be grateful in all things, but to express that gratitude.

Today I'm SOO thankful for the big beautiful old shade trees that surround our home. I would never have imagined WANTING to turn the a/c off and open up the windows but in this house I CRAVE it. We had the a/c on for awhile this weekend and I hated not being able to hear the birds and feel the breeze (not to mention that with the windows open I can hear the kids playing outside). The big old trees that surround our house allow us to be comfortable (not 70 degrees, but comfortable) with the windows open even when it's in the 80s. The main floor is consistently a few degrees cooler then it is outside and the upstairs is generally about the same as outside. Our previous house was typical new construction with all the trees removed and a few small ones placed away from the house. That house & porch got SOO HOT. I wouldn't have been able to fathom going w/o a/c when the temps approached 80, much less went past 80. So today, I am grateful, once again for the house God led us to & the appreciation of nature that it's helping us learn!

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Laura said...

Thanks so much for joining Gratituesday! I also LOVE having the house open so that the breeze can blow through and I can hear all of nature (even the bugs) outside. So far, we've been stubborn enough not to turn on the AC and I dread when we have to.