Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up

I'm running late, but here's the wrap-up from last week.

The girls are very into doing circle time and such right now. One of the free downloads I got somewhere was Bible copywork that has them copy a simple Bible verse each day. We've been doing one of those each day at the end of circle time. They're definitely quicker/better about writing then they used to be.

We FINALLY did the initial painting exercises that we were supposed to do at the beginning of spring. They used up pretty much an entire bottle of orange paint but they enjoyed it LOL. And I love that we have a "school room" now w/ walls, so we can hang up the stuff they do. I warned them that stuff won't stay up real long, but at least we can hang stuff up for now. I'd LOVE to paint the school room with magnetic paint so we can just use magnets to stick stuff up but I'm not sure it's worth it for a rental house. So for now we're using thumbtacks (I'm not worrying about putting tiny holes in the wall since it's painted w/ this weird faux finish thing that would have to be sanded down anyway whenever they repaint it.

We also started some seeds and made markers for them. Now fingers crossed that they grow (at least some of them) LOL.

And of course the apple cake that took all day Wed :)

It was a short week school-wise since we were at Sesame Place all day Thurs & Fri. But that's ok :)

L is consistently "reading" her own bedtime stories (quoting stories from memory) and doing pretty well at phonetic spelling and sounding words out.

Last night in the bathtub we had our umpteenth discussion about how this house wouldn't have had a bathroom when it was first built. This is absolutely mind boggling to them LOL. Now they're asking about learning more about "the olden days" in school. So that's another topic we'll add to the fall schedule LOL.

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