Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy, Busy!

We've been busy . . . last weekend we made a quick visit to my parents.

Dad fell Sunday morning and hurt his back, so instead of the busy day of lawn mowing and re-roofing my grandparents' house that he had planned (and the big girls were looking forward to "helping" with), he took things easy, got lots of backrubs from the big girls, and still did more mowing than he probably should have, but without the "help" at least. He also trimmed some trees along their drive and the girls DID get to help drag away the branches, much to their excitement.

The big girls DID get to help with part of the corn-freezing process with corn from my grandparents' garden. They helped pick the corn, husk the corn (I even managed to be useful for that part, while Little Bit hung out in the wrap), wash the corn, and the ears that we were freezing on the cob, they wrapped in plastic wrap. Then they went out and picked tomatoes and raspberries for awhile.

The girls and I also visited friends on both Friday and Sunday, which is always fun :o)

And Monday before dropping Mom off at work and heading home we made a quick stop at the fabric store and I picked out fabric for mom to make me a new diaper bag for my birthday. Woo-hoo!! I chose a bright colored flowered corduroy with orange lining, I can't wait!

This week's chapter of Polished Cornerstones (Bible curriculum) was about being a Thrifty Woman (each week is another trait of the Prov 31 woman) so we combined our discussions about being thrifty, with our need to pick up a few things at Walmart. A & L were very excited to help me decide which package of socks for Daddy was the best deal. Next time I see calculators in the dollar section at Target, or make it to the Dollar Store I think I'm going to get them each a calculator so they can continue to learn about unit costs and saving money, they were very into it, but division in their heads is still abit beyond them (who are we kidding, I pulled out my cell phone calculator, division in my head is beyond me when I have two 6 yr olds talking a mile a minute LOL).

We also made birthday presents for Daddy (shhh . . . we'll share pictures after his birthday). And picked our first tomatoes out of our garden!

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