Monday, August 31, 2009

Indiana Trip Day 3

Yesterday (Sunday) morning we spent in the hotel pool. There's a slide, which L loved. A went down it a few times then decided it was "too scary". Little Bit LOVES the "inflatable baby boat" we got for her, finally all her kicking gets her places LOL.

In the afternoon we headed for dh's uncle's house for a cookout with Uncle Richard & Aunt Evelyn and their kids & grandkids. A&L took awhile to warm up, but eventually did, and then had a great time with "kid cousins!" (up until now the only "cousins" they've met have been my cousins who are, of course, adults. DH's sister & my brother don't have kids and neither do any of my cousins that the girls have met), so when we explained that dh's cousins' kids were their (A&L's, and LittleBit's but she didn't care so much) second cousins, they were very excited. All the little girls (except Little Bit) had great fun playing together until we had to leave to get back to the hotel by (near) bedtime.

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