Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sesame Place

From Sesame Place 2009

Thursday we went to Sesame Place with my parents! The big girls had a blast, as always.

From Sesame Place 2009

Little Bit wasn't as into it, but enjoyed her naps in the wrap.

From Sesame Place 2009
And was happy the rest of the time.

From Sesame Place 2009
We all enjoyed lunch at Taco Bell (don't worry, she just slobbered/sucked on the tortilla LOL).

It was a good day all around. Little Bit was NOT impressed with the cold water, so we sat in the shade while the big girls played in the water. She did stay with Papa so I could go with mom & the big girls on the "Rubber Duckie" (a big waterslide where we all sit together in a big inner tube (I don't remember what the ride is actually called but there's a big "rubber duckie" up on top, so that's what we've always called it). The big girls continue to make strides toward independence . . . going down "Snuffy's Chutes" together in a double tube or in single tubes (always before they've gone down in a double tube with an adult). L had said she wanted to try the water slides that don't involve a tube (where you slide down the slide into a pool), but we ran out of time, so will have to try that next time we go. A was more hesitant about that one.

The new Count water area was a big hit.

The weather report for the day was showers all day, and it was raining on the drive down and when we got there, but since we were buying season passes (the 2010 Season Passes are now on sale, so we bought those & will be able to go as often as we want next summer as well, when Little Bit will still be free, but old enough to hopefully enjoy splashing in the water and such), we figured we'd go anyway and hope for halfway decent weather and less crowds. Turned out to be a GORGEOUS day! The big kids and grandparents went on the roller coaster a couple times in light rain, then we went to the Elmo show (ugh, that show is SO crowded and loud, it makes me claustrophobic! I think it was a sensor overload for Little Bit too, she just kind of cuddle against me and nursed most of the time LOL) and by the time we came out from that, the rain was over and it was a beautiful, not too hot, sunny day! But crowds still weren't too bad which was nice.

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