Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend

Friday we just puttered around here. Dad tried to get a swing up in the tree for the big girls, but couldn't find the parts he needed, that he has at home, so we'll have to wait till their next trip up to finish the swing. Mom helped me with some cleaning and such.

Little Bit enjoyed having more people around to talk to.

From Sesame Place 2009
And the big girls played, and helped Mama or Papa. Not sure what L was doing here, but it's a cute picture of her LOL.
From Sesame Place 2009

Mom made muffins for breakfast Fri that were a BIG HIT, A has declared them her favorite muffins EVAR!

We also walked up to see Murphy (the dog) and Judy (his owner). The girls have fun running around with Murphy most evenings.
From Sesame Place 2009

And of course Little Bit enjoys walks in the wrap.
From Sesame Place 2009

Yesterday (Sat) Mama & Papa were heading home, so we followed them part of the way and went to ZooAmerica with them before they continued home and we came back home. A was in a less than ideal mood, but when she forgot to be grouchy, she enjoyed the animals, and L did. Little Bit was fine hanging out in the wrap most of the time, though it was hot enough that she didn't like having to have her head covered in the wrap to nurse (and it's hard to nurse in a wrap without covering baby's head), so I ended up finding a shady bench to sit and nurse her while the rest looked at animals.

And now hopefully we can have some restful days to just hang out at home, get caught up on life, and get ready to head to Indiana the end of this month LOL.

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