Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Evening

Tonight the book club that I joined (I joined just as they were ending for that season, over the summer they don't meet . . . ) got together at On the Border. It was great to see everyone, but Little Bit was NOT happy. I think it was a combination of factors, she fell asleep on the way there, but woke up when we got there, so she was still sleepy, On the Border is a very LOUD restaurant and I don't think she liked that, and that it made it harder for her to go back to sleep like she wanted to, but I also think that she was looking for her sisters and very upset (worried?) that they weren't there. She would obviously look all around at people on all sides of me and then start crying. She LOVES people, I'm quite certain she wasn't upset that there were people around, I was holding her, so obviously she wasn't missing me . . . which leaves, her sisters. And to "prove" my theory, the second we walked in the door when we got home tonight she was SOO excited and "talking" to her sisters. Needless to say, L & A were thrilled to hear that she'd missed them LOL.

Meanwhile, Daddy took L & A to Chuck E Cheese. Needless to say, they had a blast. A used the tickets she earned to buy a "gag" that makes it look like a nail's going through her finger . . . she is her father's daughter LOL.

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