Thursday, August 27, 2009

Solid Foods, Sort Of, For Little Bit . . .

When the big girls were babies, I was rather adamant about waiting until they were at least 6 months, and in fact, since they were born a month early, we used adjusted age and didn't start solids until 7 months. But there was no reason not to wait, they really couldn't have cared less that everyone else in their world regularly put things other than milk into their mouths. They nursed a ton, literally got mad if you even offered them a bottle or sippy cup (seriously, even if they weren't showing signs of being hungry, if they saw a bottle or sippy cup coming anywhere near them they'd get MAD, in retrospect, it's pretty funny LOL). . . so it never really occurred to me that I'd have any reason to start solids earlier than 6 mo for Little Bit.

But Little Bit is NOT her sisters . . . she has reached the point where it is very near impossible to eat while holding her, she grabs at everything! Dad took the above picture a few weeks ago, yes, it's a Taco Bell burrito, but it's the end that is nothing but tortilla, so she didn't actually eat anything, just licked the tortilla. But man did she want to do that, and KEEP doing that . . .

Then in planning for our up-coming trip to visit hubby's grandparents, it occurred to me that a sippy of water might keep her occupied in the carseat if she wasn't hungry, but was tired of riding, so I got a sippy cup and tried it. OH BOY does she love her sippy of water! She only gets mad when we take it way LOL. It took her about 2 seconds to figure out how to get water out of a sippy cup (that was the other thing with her sisters, once they were open to at least looking at sippy cups, they viewed them as toys and just chewed on them, it never occurred to them to SUCK on them. Not so for Little Bit.

This past weekend at my parents' house, my Dad was holding her while he was eating, and had a drop of butter on his finger when she started chewing on it (his finger). He said her eyes lit up & she started chewing all the more when she hit that drop of butter LOL. Then another meal, I was putting ice in the glasses (ahead of the meal) while holding her and she was grabbing at everything, so I figured I'd see what she did if I let her lick an ice cube. Figuring she wouldn't like the cold. Umm . . . she LOVED it! She seriously sucked down at least half the ice cube (naturally a bunch of it melted and dripped everywhere, and then it got too small for me to safely hold onto it as hard as she was sucking at it LOL). So yes, she likes ice!

We also got another fun picture (that I forgot to get off Dad's camera before we left to come home) of Little Bit "eating" a small ear of corn (kind of like the burrito picture, just let her chew at it for a few minutes).

So finally this week I actually let her try some "real food". I was eating a nectarine and she grabbed at it, so I let her suck on it between me taking bites. She LOVED it, and was highly perturbed when I ate it all.

We're not doing "normal" babyfood per se with her, I really like the approach described here. So that's kind of what we're doing. . .

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