Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey look, I'm getting back on track! LOL.

Let's see . . . we had a quiet week, managed to read the entire These Happy Golden Years book in less than a week, now if it wasn't so close to leaving for Indiana, we might start our curriculum, I'm torn . . . I need to look & see what supplies we'd need if we wanted to start the first week this week . . .

We've been moving along with Polished Cornerstones. The girls have finished making their "Ruby" (as in, who can find a virtuous woman, her price is far above RUBIES) dolls (pipe cleaner dolls with bead heads, yarn hair & felt clothes) although we still need to make her coat. This week we put together her work basket (with wool & yarn, to go along with v 13 "she gathereth wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands" and at their request we also included small pieces of "fabric" (actually I just cut little pieces off of several rolls of ribbon I have) in case she wanted to make a quilt LOL). Either early this week or maybe it was last week, Little Bit was fussing, it was time to do copywork, and I realized that I needed to copy more handwriting paper, so I pulled a couple pieces of plain notebook paper out of the notebook I had sitting there, and told them to use that for the day. They decided they can use that from now on (they did ask me to write out an alphabet (upper & lowercase) so they could see which ones go below the lines & such), so we decided for this school year to use spiral notebooks for copywork, that will nicely keep it all together & make it easy to see how they progress as the year goes on.

For awhile now A has been saving her allowance (the spending portion of it) to get a My Little Pony playset (that's similar size to their Littlest Pet Shop stuff, so they can use them all together), she finally had enough 2 weeks ago, we counted her spending money & made sure, but then she forgot to bring her money purse into the store with her, so I paid for it & said she could pay me back. But then, when she went to pay me back, the $5 bill was missing (I'm still very puzzled about where it went, one of today's goals is getting our car cleaned out, which is the only place I can think of that it might be), we've had numerous discussions about not taking money out and playing with it, being careful with money, etc. So I told her she'd have to use her next few weeks allowance to pay me back unless we found the $5. L, w/ no prompting whatsoever, decided to give A one week's worth of her spending money to help pay off the "debt". A was sad, obviously, but went ahead & paid all her spending money for these past 2 weeks. Then near the end of this week they were cleaning up in their room and found a $5 bill that they didn't remember who it belonged to. L agreed to A using it to pay her "debt" (which also meant A paid L back the money she put toward A's debt the week before). While I'm still frustrated about where that $5 went, I'm thrilled at how both girls handled the situation!

We also finally made it to Picture People this past week. I've been wanting to get a picture of all 3 girls done ever since Little Bit was born. Then we found t-shirts in baby & kid sizes at a good price and got them, and coordinating fabric so mom made matching dresses (sewing a "skirt" onto a pre-made shirt is a great, easy, way to make cute, comfortable, modest dresses!), once we got those done, there was VBS and Sesame Place and here we are with Little Bit 4 1/2 mo old, but we finally did it!! And they turned out WONDERFULLY!!! I can't figure out Picture People's online system to be able to view them online myself, much less post a link, but hubby thought this was a good time to buy a photo scanner, so once that gets here & he gets it hooked up, I should be able to share. The big girls did a great job of following directions and Little Bit was her normal smiley self.

In other Little Bit news she's now sitting quite steadily, and starting to successfully "scootch" a little bit (eek!!) she mostly goes in circles or scoots back a little, but she's still working on it and getting closer and closer to crawling (did I say EEK!!!).

Yesterday we went to Grandmom's house to see her and Aunt Lynette & Uncle Dave. The girls had fun as always. Little Bit was very not impressed with the drive (either direction) which doesn't bode well for our upcoming vacation, but I'm hoping that by doing a better job of timing our driving time to coincide with her nap times, and not have "deadlines" for getting places (so if we need to stop, we can) things will go better, we shall see . . .

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