Thursday, August 20, 2009


A has decided that "bad guys" might be able to get in her window. All of my explanations that there's nothing out her window but woods, so the only creatures out there to possibly see in her window are deer, squirrels, fox, etc. And that her window's on the second floor so it would be hard to get to, and that if someone tried to get in her window she, and we would hear them . . .none of it convinced her. So, at her request, we went curtain shopping.
L couldn't care less about someone seeing in, but if A was going to have a curtain on HER window, then L wanted one too, so they each got a curtain.
It's next to impossible to get a picture of them since the windows are behind the loft bed, and I'd warned the girls that the length of the curtains might have to just kind of bunch up on the floor of the loft/foot of their beds, but there was room to drop the curtains down between the loft & the window, so the curtains actually cover the lower parts of the windows too. But for purpose of pictures, I just took a picture of the area above the loft, you see their white comforters bunched at the end of their beds, and then the curtains/windows, open for the day, they close them at night, at least for now, we'll see how long it is before L, at least, gets tired of opening/closing it & starts leaving it either open or closed all the time. The striped curtain is A's, the pink sheer curtain is L's.

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