Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indiana Trip Day 1

On the off chance that someone besides my mother & a couple friends read this blog, I'm not going to "advertise" the fact that we're away from home this week, but I want to document this trip and my memory's not good enough to do it all when we get home, so I'm going to write the posts as we go but not post any of them till we get home . . .

So, we left yesterday morning for Indiana. The piece of the drive that had me most nervous was the best so far, sigh . . . I had the big girls put their clothes on Thurs night (they generally sleep in clothes (rather than pjs) anyway, but they usually sleep in whatever they wore that day, then put clean clothes on in the morning, I had them put the clean clothes on before bed instead. . . so that when they woke up Fri morning we could load up the "last minute" stuff and be on the road. We left by 8am. We were trying for Pittsburgh area by lunchtime which was a little over 4 hrs, so that had me nervous, had never driven that far with Little Bit before . . . and that was the longest stretch we had planned. I got CDs of the Kit (American Girl) books from the library (8.5 hrs of book on cd) so the big girls were set. Little Bit "talked" for awhile, then fell asleep, woke up when we had about 2 hrs left, "talked" for a little while, and then a svc plaza (we were on the toll rd) came along, so we stopped for a potty/nursing break. Ran the big kids around light poles & trees and such while we were there too, to burn off some energy. Little Bit fussed some when we got back in teh car, but pretty quickly went back to sleep for most of the rest of that stretch. We met friends for lunch in the Pittsburgh area, then back in the car for the 3 hr (give or take) drive to Columbus & our hotel for the night. Little Bit went to sleep pretty much right away, but when we hit stop & go traffic about 1/2 hour into the trip she woke up and never went back to sleep. She was happy part of that time, but there was lots of crying too, poor baby :o( We'd moved both big girls to the back seat of the minivan (normally they alternate, one sitting in back and one sitting next to Little Bit (middle row) so that I could ride next to her if needed, so when she got fussy I moved back there, but I almost think that made it worse . . . like she felt even MORE insulted that I was RIGHT THERE and wouldn't pick her up.

But we made it to our hotel. It was late enough that I didn't bother taking Little Bit in the pool, but dh took the big girls down to swim while I got us "settled". When Little Bit got restless enough that I couldn't do any more unpacking, etc. anyway, I went on down to watch A&L swim. I figured Little Bit would enjoy that and it would distract her, I knew if I let her nurse she'd go right to sleep but probably not stay asleep through the putting to bed of the big girls, so I really wanted her to stay awake until we got the big girls down, then she could nurse to sleep and be out for the night. . . but the poor baby was SOO sleepy, she fell asleep on my shoulder at the pool. A & L were taking turns jumping off the side of pool, yelling "canon ball!" so it was VERY noisy (especially since indoor pools echo terribly!) but she got a few min. nap there, not enough to mess up her going to bed normal time though, whew!

So, that was yesterday . . . and I'm exhausted, so guess I'll wait & write about today later . . .

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