Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy Weekend

Still without internet at home sigh, though dh said he might be able to set things up such that I can use my laptop here at his office, so if he does that I can post pictures.

My parents & dh's sister & her husband were all here this weekend helping us with projects. The major projects were beds. Dad built a platform bed for us that fits over the odd "bench" in our room and then he built a huge double loft in the girls' room. That was a huge project but it's functionally done, we might do something different with lighting at some point and it needs to be painted at some point, but it will work for now. And the girls are delighted. And I'm excited to be able to work on unpacking in their room & the playroom now the bed is done. We did determine that the dollhouse bookcase (that you can see if you scroll down abit on this page from a LONG time ago LOL) will not go up the stairs so we had to send it to be stored at my parents' house. Now I need to decide if I want to put a different bookcase where I would have put it in their room or just have less shelf space in their room.

Dad also put up my clothes line & I hung out my first load of laundry today, woo-hoo!!! Dh is rolling his eyes at how excited I am about this, but I really am.

On a not so exciting note, the washer leaks, so we'll have to bug the landlord about that.

A really enjoyed helping Dad with all the building projects. And was a good "go-fer". L thought Mama should play with her all the time, but mom was able to help me with a few projects inbetween. And Mom, SIL, and the girls all helped me to weed the flowerbeds that I'm wanting to put herbs in. I wanted mom to help me with that in case there was something non-weed in them. The one bed does have a rosebush (that was pretty much totally hidden by weeds), a clematis (that's currently in bloom, so I was able to figure out that one for myself, not what it was, but that it wasn't a weed) & I think mom said the 3rd bush was a rhodedendron which is done blooming but there were enough mostly dead blooms hanging on it that I was pretty sure it was a non-weed too.

And now we need to get our tired kids home to bed, so I'll sign off for now. I'm hoping to get pictures of at least a couple rooms taken this week and posted if dh can set me up to use the laptop here (or if Comcast gets it's act together & we actually get internet at home).

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