Thursday, May 29, 2008

Come Tour Our New House

I finally got pictures taken, woo-hoo! So, without further ado, come look around our new house :) It's still a work in progress, so don't mind the mess.

First things first, see my clothes line? I'm so excited about this!! LOVE the smell of fresh dried clothes :) Even the girls commented on how good they smell (w/o any prompting from me!)

Still messy, but here's our front porch & door. SIL did a great job of clearing out that front flowerbed this weekend. I want to get a bird feeder to put on top of the post (that "bell shaped thing" is to keep squirrels away from a bird feeder, so I might as well use it LOL).

The entry shelving. I LOVE this! Eventually I want to make another shelf to put in that top space. The pass through looks into the kitchen. From here you can go straight into the kitchen, left into the living room or right up the stairs.

This is where the wood cookstove would have been in the kitchen originally (and possibly a fireplace when the house was first built? I don't know if they would've done the mantel & such over the stove or if that's a sign that it was originally a fireplace?) The recent remodeling added (or replaced?) a desk area. I love the big long mantel above, eventually I want to make coordinating labels for all my dry goods to make that shelf look abit more uniform.

The rest of the kitchen (or most of it) standing against the sink/dishwasher area looking toward the front door next to the fridge is the doorway to the dining room.
One of my favorite parts of the kitchen, kind of a butlers pantry area (though mis-placed for a butler's pantry LOL) in the corner by the basement door. I love these glass doored shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. And underneath are nice big cabinets that will house my recycling among other things.

The dining room. Still has some extra stuff in it (that printer cart thing isn't likely to stay in there & I realized after the picture was taken that I hadn't moved the rags from the shelf, but it's a start.

The living room (standing in the doorway from the entry). Tables still need tablecloths (must still be packed somewhere LOL) and I want to get a slipcover for the less than gorgeous recliner. Deep windowsill is a great place for our laptops when not in use though LOL.
The rest of the living room. The recliner in the last picture is facing this TV to the left is doorway into dining room to the right is doorway to entry.

Now upstairs. At the top of the stairs is the hall (this is looking toward the stairs from our bedrooms) the whole left wall in this picture is one big closet (accessed by 3 doors). I put shelving in it & filled it w/ the girls school stuff & toys.

Next to the big closet is the door into the bathroom. The last tenants left the decor, which I'm more than happy to leave up, it's even "my" colors, although the navy hamper doesn't coordinate real well. Toilet is beyond the sink (left side of picture). There's also a door next to the tub that goes into the upstairs furnace room w/ additional storage space in the eves.

And finally, the girls' loft!! I realized it's hard to get a picture because it takes up the whole room, but you get the idea.

And the rest of their room. Door is closet. They're trilled to have Princess the horse in their room instead of in the basement like she was in our old house.

Our room (with L posing). Dad built our bed too, to sit over the bench that runs the length of the room. I have a bedskirt to hide the storage area underneath, just haven't put it on yet. Also want to buy (or have Dad make) some sort of shelf thing to sit on the bench on either side of the bed & act as a nightstand, for the moment we're using packing boxes LOL.

The rest of our room. Bed is to the left. My parents have a small dresser we'll put across from the closet door, not sure where the fan will end up (it's useless where it is, since the closet is between it & our bed, but it's out of the way anyway LOL). Haven't decided if the 2nd cedar chest (on the left in this picture) makes things too crowded or not, might move it to the other side of the bed, or might store it)

The play/school room is the least "done" room. The girls' computer is really the only thing that's in position. Dad will build us a table thing that sits over the monster printer (on the floor behind the computer) and the copy machine (that currently is still on the floor in the living room) will sit on top of it. Stuff on the bench is still waiting to find a room, as is the stuff in boxes on the left side of the picture.

And finally, the other corner of the play/school room. printer is to the right, door is to the left. Playstands are currently being used to stack boxes on. I'm still trying to decide if we want them in there at all or if we want to call it totally a school room and get rid of the playstands . . . we shall see . . .

And that ends our tour. I guess I didn't take pictures of the stairs (really should, they're impressively steep LOL) or the basement oh . . . I DO need to take pictures of the shelving in the stairs to the basement, but that will have to wait for another day.


Jen said...

It looks so cute! I LOVE the windows and all the old cabinets and shelves in nooks and crannies. Looks great!

Ann said...

I love the nooks and crannies too! I had to laugh, because all of the places you mentioned as favorites for you would be my favorites as well!

Sweetpeas said...

LOL, I told dh that all the shelving & utilizing every available nook & cranny was because the house had been build back when the woman of the house had to can or otherwise preserve enough food in the summer to feed her family all winter, so she had to have a place to store it. To which dh replied "and now that woman has moved back into the house". Not sure he meant it as a compliment but I sure took it as one, hee hee.

Gretchen said...

I have total house envy, LaRee! It is gorgeous!

Just stunning!

I am totally a nooks and crannies person, too!

It looks like a little piece of paradise to me!

Heather said...

Love it! I followed your link from the post I started on the forum about kids' rooms.

My 12 yo son noticed right off that your floor plan annd the outside of your house, is very similar to the home we sadly left behind in Florida. We also had a long, narrow hallway lined with AWESOME closets. Now we live in a 1930's farmhouse with almost no closets. Hard to make the change!

I love your bookshelves and my son thinks your loft is amazing. Maybe we can build up one when it is time to move my other boys downstairs. That might entice them to leave the little kids' room...good thought!