Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch out for Guys in Flashy Cars

One of the families on our cul de sac has a boy a few months younger than my girls but the mom works at least part time & they have a fenced backyard with a swingset & such so she usually has the kids out there so we've just never really crossed paths. Last week one day when I was packing in the garage B (the little boy) was outside playing with his new car (one of those battery rechargeable ones) and tried to get the girls to play with him. They took a little time to warm up to him, but finally decided to ride with him in his car. This picture was actually taken a couple days later when B was outside the same time as us again. L ended up coming back in the house but A & B had a BLAST!! We've been having fun teasing her about her "boyfriend" and she gets all embarrassed about it LOL. I'm sad that they just became friends & now we're leaving. Maybe he'll be outside some when we're here cleaning up over the next few weeks so they can at least play together a few more times (they rode bikes together this evening too). Anyway, just had to share the picture :)

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