Thursday, May 22, 2008

We made it

Still no internet at home (I'm at dh's office), but we're here & I've unpacked 25 boxes so far LOL. Tuesday was a LONG day, but we survived. I've been writing daily updates that I'll probably post at some point for those who want the blow-by-blow of the whole experience.

Ever since dh started working here he's been telling them that his department secretary, who lives in one of the other houses on the property we're on, has a 7 yr old dd who can't wait to meet them. Today she was here at the office from the time she got out of school till her mom leaves work so we came over so the girls could meet her (& I could check e-mail) they took a little while to warm up but now they're running around w/ her having a blast, so I'm getting some extra computer time while they play LOL.

I took some pictures yesterday when the girls & I explored part of the property but will have to wait & post them sometime when I have wireless (may try to talk dh into letting me go to starbucks tomorrow to take advantage of their wireless (& use my giftcard LOL).

Stuff seems to be fitting in the house better than I thought it might. I love that the kitchen/basement is designed w/ TONS of places to store jars of food & such. Dh hadn't noticed all the shelving tucking into corners until I started filling it LOL, I told him it's because the house was built back when women had big gardens & canned all the extra & stored it to feed their family all winter :)

Girls are loving exploring the new house & yard.

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Amy said...

Hi! My name is Amy and I came across your blog as I was roaming AHE members blogs. Just wanted to say hi...congrats on your move. I hope everything goes smoothly!