Friday, May 16, 2008

Countdown to the Move

DH got home from his last week "away" last night. Because by the time he goes to work again we'll be up there, woo-hoo!! Still TONS to do here! And it's looking like rain from now till post-move so that will make everything nice & muddy & yucky . . . UGH!!!

But, slowly but surely we're getting stuff packed, and having all our "last time" things . . .

Today is the last Kindermusik before we move (though I think we'll end up missing next week & then being here for the final two, since we'll have to do repairs, clean-up, etc at this house anyway.

Tomorrow will be our last Sabbath at our church (the weeks we come back I suspect we'll be at my parents' church or something)

We got our last milk from "the farm" this week (and a week from today I'll be checking out the farmer's market up there to see if they have raw milk, and in general to see what they have) if they don't the following week we'll be going to check out the closest farm on (but it's 18 mi away so I'm hoping to find something closer).

And I still have a huge to do list:
Kids' toys still need to be packed (though some have been & they've been helping with that)
Kitchen cabinets are empty but there's still kitchen stuff piled around the room waiting to be put in boxes
The deep freeze is all "boxified" but I need to put the stuff from the upstairs freezer into boxes & put it in the deep freeze
I packed most of the bathroom stuff awhile back but there's the odds & ends that I need to get into another box to get us to "living out of a suitcase" status in the bathroom.
Boxes throughout the house need to be stacked in the garage for quicker/easier loading the day the truck is here.
There are half-full boxes sitting throughout the house that I need to consolidate & finish filling
I have one more load of clothes laundry to do on Sunday and a load of wipes/towels to do on Monday & then I can pack the laundry room (& the wipes & such).
I've been working on printing off directions to places I'll want to go in the first week or two up there since I don't know how soon we'll have internet at the house (one of the directions I printed off is the library which hopefully will have internet so I can at least run over there & check e-mail every couple days)
And I'm sure thousands of other things I haven't even thought of LOL.

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