Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Jott

I discovered the coolest little thing a couple weeks ago. It's this handy dandy little site lets me call e-mails to people. Now I suppose if I actually had text messaging that might accomplish the same thing, but I don't (well, I do, but I have to pay per text message & I'm cheap, so for all intents & purposes, I don't).

There are things I think of as I'm driving down the road, or running errands or sitting in the girls' Kindermusik class or . . . that I want to tell people but it's not something that I need to tell them right. this. minute. I don't need to disturb dh at work to tell him that I drove past a sign advertising a house for rent in our neighborhood (which at least seems to answers our question about whether renting our house is allowed). But I have a terrible memory & chances are, by the time I get home, I'll have totally forgotten about that sign (even though I'll drive by it again as I come into our development). Here's where Jott is awesome. As soon as I passed the sign I called up Jott and told it to send Rodney an e-mail telling him about the sign.

And it's all 100% FREE!!!! Here's how it works. Register your e-mail address, and tell them your cell phone #, then call from your cell phone # so they can get it all linked together. Then on their website tell them the e-mail addresses of people you want to be able to e-mail on the run, including a name to recognize it by. Now we're ready to go. So, when I saw the above mentioned rent sign I called Jott. And it went like this:

Jott: Who do you want to jott?
Me: (dh's first name)
Jott: (dh's full name) is this correct?
Me: Yes
Me: (speaking slowly and clearly) There is a sign in front of our development advertising a house for rent on xxxxx Dr. So I guess rentals are allowed by our HOA.
Jott: Got it . . .

and then it gives options of re-recording and I don't remember what all else, I hang up at that point LOL.

And it sends Rodney and e-mail, and me a copy, with the message as I said it (or as it heard me) typed out PLUS a link to the actual recording so if he gets the message and something doesn't look right he can listen & see what I really said.

So far I've been pretty impressed with how well the voice recognition works. I need to remember to spell out words that are proper names (Aldis became Oldies, for example) but that's to be expected.

I can send myself reminders, send dh reminders . . . etc.

And that's what works-for-me this week.

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