Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Moving Van comes tomorrow so this week's menus are pretty un-planned based on not knowing how things will pan out.

Today is leftovers to clear out the fridge (and not waste time cooking when I need to be packing).

Tomorrow Breakfast I have homemade "egg mcmuffin" type things in the freezer that I made one day last week when I was scrambling eggs for fried rice.
Lunch I'm hoping to make sandwiches at least for the kids to eat as we drive up to the new house (or might rope my mom into doing it while we load the truck) if we run out of time it'll be fast food that we grab on our way up.
Dinner we're ordering pizza since we're hiring some of the 10th graders from the local school to help us unload, we figured pizza would keep them happy & not waste anyone's time fixing food.

The rest of the week will be scrounging whatever is unpacked first &/or making a run to the grocery store for easy semi-convenience foods.

Not sure I'll be online to post it, but I plan to be back on track with actual menu planning by next week :)

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