Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Week's Wrap-Up

Our moving date has changed AGAIN (at least I don't think I've mentioned this change yet, but I'm losing track LOL). Anyway, as of right now, the plan is to move a week from Tuesday! That's just over a week away EEEK!! LOL. And the girls have been pretty needy this weekend so we couldn't get as much done as we'd hoped. Fingers crossed that I can finish packing all but the bare necessities this week while dh is gone (yay!! Last week of that!!!) so that we can wrap up the final odds & ends next weekend & Monday without too much stress! (yes, probably wishful thinking but a girl can hope LOL).

Mother's Day was lovely and low-key (just like I like it LOL). DH & the girls made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and the girls went out & picked dandelion and mint leaves for me and made cards. A even thought to pick some of the mint w/ the roots attached (or maybe it was accidental, I don't know) "so we can plant it at the new house" :)

And after a day spent packing & such we went to Taco Bell for dinner (my choice, I didn't want to cook but also didn't want to deal w/ the crowds of a "real" restaurant or the mess of asking dh to cook (I love him, and he's an awesome cook but I'm constantly amazed at how many dishes he uses LOL.).

So, a quiet day at home with my favorite people, can't beat that :)

The girls, especially A, are enjoying helping packing. And as long as I solicit their help they are even ok with packing toys. We packed the dollhouse furniture and blocks today, and I'm hoping we can pack a bunch more toys over the next few days :)

Other happenings this past week: Our last lunch with Mama & Papa (obviously we'll eat with them again, but we have met them for lunch once a week since the girls were a month old except when they or we have been out of town or sick or something, and now that tradition is at an end). We didn't realize it at the time since at that point we thought we were moving on Friday instead of Tuesday which meant we would have gone up one day that week.

Our last time going to the farm to get milk (my friend Kim will get it for us this week). The girls told the cows goodbye. I'm so hoping to find as great a farm to get raw milk from in our new town!

The girls are practicing their writing skills by writing on some of the boxes (so hopefully the people who help us unload the truck will be able to read their writing (I'm also sticking colored stickers on all boxes so if the writing's unreadable they can figure out the room based on that (& I'm pretty confident I can read the writing enough to figure out what to unpack when LOL).

The reality of leaving friends is starting to sink in. The girls are talking about missing their friends, but also excited about meeting our new neighbor girl at the new house.

Overall, they're still excited about the move though.

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