Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Week's Wrap Up

I thought I'd get back to doing a little summary of our week.

We started out the week w/ my parents and SIL & BIL all at our house, building beds, clearing out flower beds and otherwise getting stuff done. Then things quieted down. Other than grocery shopping we pretty much stayed home the rest of the week. We explored our "yard" abit more, the girls are getting into the "groove" of helping w/ laundry. It works well for them to bring me the wet clothes out of the laundry basket, but I find it's quicker and easier to just take the dry clothes down without their help, which they're fine with LOL.

We played some games, got back in our groove of spending some time on Kindermusik each day, read stories . . . and they did lots of playing outside and in while I unpacked and such. They have taken over the "coat closet" (which is under the stairs, so quite small anyway) as their "secret room" in which they have some sort of question & answer show a la the intro part of Veggie Tales (you know how Bob & Larry start the show out w/ some "question from a view", that kind of thing. It's most amusing to listen to. Eventually I'd like to store things like my vacuum cleaner in there but right now they're so enjoying playing in there that I guess I'll find someplace else for the vacuum LOL.

Yesterday we went to the last Kindermusik class (except for the end of class party next week) they weren't overly excited to be going, and A essentially refused to participate, though from her seat in the back of the room next to me, she did quietly join in a little bit. L had a rocky start but then did fine. And despite the struggle we've had with them telling me they don't want to go to Kindermusik (which started when dh started the new job & was gone all week but home on Fridays, so I think it was having to leave Daddy that let to them not wanting to go, and then yesterday that we came from Mama & Papa's house threw them) yesterday afternoon they asked if we could try to find a Kindermusik class near our new house. I'm not sure if they'd do as well w/ a different teacher, I'm not sure financially we'll be able to swing another class come fall . . . lots of unknowns but I told them we'd see. I find it interesting that they're interested in continuing when it's been such a struggle these last few weeks.

We spent yesterday afternoon at our old house. I was packing the odds and ends that we ran out of time to finish up when the moving van came. The girls alternated between playing on their own and the dish network hadn't been turned off yet so they watched tv a bunch of the afternoon, but other than some whining about "can we go YET" they did great. I got the main floor done and started on the bedrooms, so we're more than 1/3 done and are coming back next weekend so should be able to wrap everything up with no problem. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the upstairs and at least start on the garage &/or basement. And we need to load up as much stuff as will fit to take back with us. . .

Today was rainy (originally we'd thought we'd use our FONZ (National Zoo) membership one last time to go to the Baltimore Zoo) so we just stayed at Mom & Dad's house. The girls didn't want to go to "Mama & Papa's Sabbath School" w/o Mama (she's sick), and I decided given all the other upheaval in their lives right now, I wasn't going to try to force the issue. We read stories, listened to a new CD Mom got that has stories from our church history on it. Most of it is over the girls' head (according to Mom, I haven't listened to it) but one of the stories was one that the girls had heard in another kids' book Mom has (about Ellen White being hit by the rock, for those who know SDA church history) so we listened to that one. I have to admit that I fell asleep, but I think it held the girls' interest pretty well (my falling asleep isn't a criticism of the CD, I just don't do well just sitting and listening to ANYTHING!). Then L was wanting to play a game but didn't like the first several I suggested so I pulled out Egypt to Canaan and she wanted to play it (I see from the product description that it says age 8 & up, the box on mom & dad's (that was ours when we were kids) doesn't have an age range on it and I didn't remember how "advanced" it was). Last time I was here I'd gone through the question cards and divided out the ones that I thought the girls would know or could learn easily, so we played it using those cards for L (& A when she joined the game) & the harder ones for me (though I realized I needed to "adjust" how many spaces the cards said since harder questions tend to let you move more spaces, but since the girls don't read and I was just reading all the questions I could adjust that as needed). We also played that the girls got to move whether they knew the answer or not, since part of it was about them learning. But they did pretty well. A named 8 of the 10 plagues of Egypt (though the card said to name them in order & I just asked her to name them) which I thought was pretty good (and one of the ones she missed was lice which, everytime we read the story about the plagues the girls ask "what is lice?" so it's not suprising that she had trouble remembering it. The other one she missed was darkness). I'm hoping they enjoyed it enough that we can play it from time to time when we're here so that it reinforces the questions/answers that they don't know.

One of my questions, the answer was Mephibosheth (I don't remember the exact question, something about Jonathan's lame son I think) who the girls had never heard of (& for that matter, when I answered it, dh said "who?") so we had to take a break for me to tell them that story. And of course they couldn't comprehend why his nurse thought that David would hurt him, didn't she know David was nice? But, I guess he DID kill Goliath, maybe that's why she thought he was mean . . . it was a rather interesting conversation LOL. Makes me think they're inching closer to being ready for the Bible in Living Sound CDs.

They also got to find some of the first strawberries in Grandpa's garden (the rain let up enough for us to walk out there & back) and built with Lincoln Logs with Papa and such. But apparently the highlight of the day was this evening when Papa showed them the fun of throwing a balloon at the ceiling fan. Dad had a whole box of balloons that are at least 20 yrs old so we didn't have to worry about popping them, there were plenty more. They had a blast throwing balloons up for the fan to hit this way and that. And declared it "the most fun ever!" And mom could "participate" by sitting in a chair and watching it all (& blowing up more balloons when they popped).

And tomorrow is another long, boring day at the old house, entertaining themselves to the best of their ability while dh & I get stuff done.

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