Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enjoying Nature

Here are some of the pictures I took last week as we explored our new home. These are in no particular order.

The woods.
The waterfall just up the path from our house.

Our house, from the creek. The slide/climbing thing has been moved and this weekend Dad put a clothes line across in front of the basement door (from the tree to the end of the porch), but you get the idea.

This pond is right across the driveway from our house. See the geese?

The field behind our house, look at all that lovely lack of people :)

A wanted me to take a picture of the leaf she found on our walk.

Standing at our front door looking out (actually it looks better now, one of the projects SIL helped with over the weekend was clearing all the weeds out of that flower bed so now you can actually see the clematis and other flowers that were there)

Standing on the porch and looking up the hill. The girls' slide/climbing thing is now up under that tree. The little white building keeps tempting me to get chickens LOL.

The girls walking across the bridge just down the hill from our house.

The creek that runs under the above bridge.

The baby geese, and their parents, in our yard.

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tobymine said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! I am jealous of your new home ;)

I found you from the Babywearer Forums, hope you don't mind me poking around your blog. I am trying to learn more about "crunchy" parenting in general, and home-schooling and stuff, even though I have a long time to be thinking about that! My son is only 4 months old :)