Friday, October 12, 2007

Broad Horizons School

That would be the name I chose, on a whim, for our home school. Someone posted a link to this site on a home school forum I read and then a couple weeks later Borders sent out an e-mail about having teacher appreciation week or some such (where teachers get extra discounts) and I knew from other discussions I'd read on home school forums that generally having an id of some sort makes getting a teacher discount easier at Borders & B&N so . . . I remembered seeing that link and thought, hey, I'll just make one of those real quick. BUT it has a place for a home school name, so I did some looking around online for ideas and came across this one, which I LOVE because it captures the initial reason we decided to home school. We initially decided to home school because we felt we could broaden the girls' horizons so much more than traditional schooling. As we've moved closer to the reality of homeschooling it's that same concept of broad horizons that has led us toward the un-school side of the home school spectrum.

So, it seemed logical to use it as the name of my homeschool blog as well. I'll continue to use my Live Journal blog for the basic kid updates since that's where people are used to looking.

On this blog I'm hoping to post at LEAST once a week with a summary of what we've done for school that week, plus no doubt other musings and ramblings (because that's what I do).

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