Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

I think the girls had fun this weekend. As I mentioned briefly in my other post, we went to the zoo yesterday. The weather couldn't have been better, cool enough to not be too hot, warm enough to not be too cold. The girls had great fun dragging Mama & Papa around to see everything. When I told them yesterday morning that we were going to the zoo with Mama & Papa, they asked which one. When I told them it was the one with the lilypads, they got SO excited! L was talking about the "rides" and there is a carousel and some other small carnival type rides there that you have to pay extra for and last time we let them go on a couple of those so I assumed that's at least partially what she was talking about, so I started to explain that we probably wouldn't spend the money to go on the carousel and such this time to which she replied "Mom, I'm not talking about THOSE rides, I'm talking about the fun ones" LOL!

Anyway, they seemed to enjoy themselves. We got to see a Harris Hawk and Screech Owl up close, that was cool.

Today we ran errands and fed the ducks.

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