Friday, October 26, 2007

You look just the same . . .

I pulled out some old photo albums to show the girls pictures of when we went to Disney when I was a kid. The girls, loving to look at pictures, insisted on looking through the whole album, not just the couple pages of Disney pictures. Near the back was a picture of my friend, Angie & I walking down the aisle as 11th graders for graduation (not sure if this is just an SDA school thing, but the Juniors have to wear coordinating outfits and walk up and down the aisle all weekend as part of the graduation stuff, or at least they did 14 years ago, no idea what they do now). Anyway, since Angie & I go to the same church, have kids roughly the same age, and get together regularly, I pointed out the picture of "Miss Angie" to the girls. L's comment was "you guys look just the same" since we were wearing coordinating dresses, I assumed she was saying that A & I looked the same as each other, and made some comment to that affect, to which L said "no, you guys look the same as you do NOW!" Hmmm, pretty sure that's not an accurate statement (at least wrt me) but I guess I'll take it LOL.

And to make my kids' day, when DH & I went to Disneyland on our way home from our honeymoon, by some odd twist of fate, I took pictures during the parade & such of exactly 2 princesses, and they would be Ariel & Belle, the girls are very excited about this fact, I'm not sure I'll ever get my honeymoon picture album back from them LOL.

I think we're pretty much ready to go. As you can see, the "to do list" is about as done as it can be until the girls go to bed, then a couple quick things to do w/o them around, and then the last minute stuff in the morning & we're outta here!

Current forecast is for thunderstorms in FL next week, pray that they clear up, or at least are isolated enough to not keep us from going and having fun as planned. Conveniently I'm pretty sure the "must see" things for the girls are indoors (Ariel's grotto, where you get wet anyway, I think, and Storytime with Belle, so absolute worst case we only use one day of our Disney passes, and go do those two things and other indoor things (really, if you think about it, alot of the "classic" Disney is indoors, other than waiting in lines, which would hopefully be short in the rain, Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted House . . . and it's supposed to be in the 80's so it won't be bitterly cold if we get wet going from place to place) and then spend whatever non-raining time we can fit in at Sea World (where we have season passes so if we only go for an hour or two a day it doesn't matter) and if necessary, come home early. We shall see . . .

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