Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

As you can see from this week's list, we're having a week of lost of not-on-the-list activities. The girls have been doing lots of imaginative play, which I figure is much more important at this age than making a seasonal tree or figuring out fabric painting with mechanical resists (afterall, I've survived to the age of 32 without doing either of those things LOL). We've also been thoroughly enjoying our wonderful not too hot, not too cold fall weather (finally!). Today the girls carved their pumpkins, I should have taken pictures when I had them lit this evening, maybe I can remember tomorrow night. But they are quite proud of them. They had quite the struggle tonight deciding if they wanted to blow the candles out themselves when we came inside (well after dusk had turned to dark) or leave them for Daddy to see when he comes home, with the reminder that he may not get home until they're in bed. I think the final decision was 50/50, A's is blown out, L's is still lit (but I honestly can't swear to it, must remember to check after their in bed LOL).

We also made the sourdough bread today. It has to rise for 24 hours, so we won't get to bake it until tomorrow but we got the fun of digging our hands into sticky bread dough today.

A is very into "making books" right now. She draws a bunch of pictures and then staples them together. She's also coming up with various ways to "make puppets" which generally require large quantities of tape and staples, so this afternoon we made a shopping run to re-stock on tape and staples LOL. We also got some bulbs that we're going to plant. Not too suprisingly, they chose pink & purple tulips, guess who chose which LOL.

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