Friday, October 26, 2007


Just as I finished writing my earlier post, dh, who'd gone out on the front porch to make a phone call (better cell phone reception out there, I guess) stuck his head in the door & told me I needed to come out there. The girls had gone looking for him and found him, and I'm sure, got bored being on the porch while he was on the phone, so, when I went out there they were happily playing in the (VERY COLD) rain, in the dark. So, while they continued to play in the rain & puddles (they were already drenched, why spoil their fun?) I snapped a couple pictures, that can be seen here (at the bottom).

Needless to say, when they were done, we stripped them & took them straight up to a nice warm bath, then hot chocolate, and now they're theoretically going to sleep. Of course, this is VERY early for them to go to sleep, so chances are we'll be leaving for tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, yawn . . . but an early start is at least theoretically a good thing (says the NOT morning person).

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