Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sure, I meant to do that!

I made the tortillas & they seem to have come out ok, YAY! I used this recipe. I was going to do 50/50 ww and white flour, but ran out of ww, so it was probably more like 30/60. And I used coconut oil instead of shortening (healthier, and I had it on hand. I did some looking online to see if I needed shortening and found stuff that said that butter/margarine could be used instead of shortening in recipes & then the Spectrum site indicated that coconut oil could be used instead of butter (but conveniently never said specifically that it could be used instead of shortening, probably because they also sell a "healthy" shortening that I'm too cheap to buy) so I figured it was worth a try & it seemed to work ok.). Didn't get them especially round, which isn't too surprising, I could have played with it more when I was rolling them out if I'd really cared, but I didn't LOL. And as it turns out, they worked REALLY well they way I did them. For some reason, making a ball & then rolling them out tended to leave one side with a kind of "tail" where a middle section stuck out farther than the sides, you can kind of see it on the left side of the one in the frying pan in the picture above. Well, as it turns out, since I was using them to make burritos & folding in the one end (like restaurants generally do, so you can pick it up w/o everything falling out the bottom) that "tail" worked really well to fold up as the bottom. So yeah, I meant to make them that way. I made them all into bean burritos that are now in my freezer being frozen so I can toss them in a big ziplock and take them alone for supper one of the nights we're gone (yes we confirmed that we'd have a fridge in the room, I assume there will be a freezer in the fridge, worst case, we'll turn the whole thing into a freezer by turning the temp down and then use the ice chest w/ ice in it for the refrigerated stuff).

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