Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Do Before We Leave

Because I'm feeling like I'll forget important stuff, still to do:

DONE: Pack Ice Chest
DONE: Phone charger & computer
DONE: Make sure all dishes are done
DONE: Throw gourds/pumpkins from nature table in compost before we go (after kids are in bed)
DONE: Set TV to not record kid shows while we're gone (after kids are in bed)
DONE: peel/slice a cucumber
DONE Set heat at a low, but above freezing temp, in case it gets really cold while we're gone
DONE: Water indoor plants
DONE Set LaRee's Candles to indicate we're closed next week
DONE Make egg salad
DONE Kids "suprise bags" for trip
DONE Swimsuits
DONE Do wipes/towels/rags load of laundry
DONE Kindermusik
DONE Chairs & co-op stuff to church/Angie
DONE - Make tortillas (or not, I think there are tortillas in the freezer I can use if I get lazy) and assemble burritos to freeze and take along for suppers
DONE Clean out minivan
DONE Costumes (? if the girls want to dress up for ToT'ing at Sea World)
DONE Backpack (in case we don't want to take the stroller into the parks)
DONE Help girls choose/pack their clothes
DONE Pack DH's & my clothes
DONE Pack Sea World Passes
DONE - Freeze water in jars to keep food cold on the trip down (they're in the freezer anyway)
DONE - Cut granola bars & pack (still too crumbly, must keep playing w/ recipe)
DONE - Determine if we have enough bread or need to throw another loaf in the bread machine (depends if the kids eat any between now & then) It will have to be enough, I'm out of flour and we might as well just buy bread as make bread w/ white flour (that I happen to have on hand for making playdoh LOL)
DONE: Pack non-refrig food
DONE: Cut cheese "sticks" to snack on
DONE camera, charger & usb cord
DONE: Print out DW ticket confirmation information
DONE Ship out candle order & co-op order
If at all possible, plant bulbs (not gonna happen, it's raining)
Figure out how to listen to answering machines messages remotely (nevermind, can't find book)

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