Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whole Foods Trick-or-Treating

When the girls first realized that Halloween was approaching, and I explained that we'd be in FL over Halloween so wouldn't be home for Trick-or-Treating they seriously considered skipping "Mickey World" to stay home to ToT. I finally figured out that a big part of the draw was the candy so they decided if we could get some candy on our own, they would live w/o ToT for one year. But then we were at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago and I saw a sign that they were doing Trick-or-Treating at the store this Tuesday, so I figured hey, it would give them a chance to dress up (and the beauty of loving all things princess, they were perfectly happy to dig through the dress-up box and design their costumes from that, so no expense to buy new ones), and at least in theory would be healthier "treats". So, we went down yesterday afternoon. The Whole Foods we normally go to (and the one where the pictures were taken) had an interesting take on Trick-or-Treating. On a positive note, they were giving away ToT bags (that are, conveniently, great reusable grocery bags the rest of the year). But, while I envisioned most departments giving away things that were portable (ie. could go IN the ToT bags to eat later), there were only 2 things in the entire store that could go in the bag, toothpaste and a juice box. The rest of the departments had prepared food type stuff that had to be eaten right then. Which wasn't a problem per se. More odd to me, some of the food choices were far from typical children foods. The pumpkin ravioli salad was even too "gourmet" for my eat anything kids. And while my kids loved the pumpkin cheesecake, it didn't seem like something the average child would eat LOL. Anyway, after we ate supper, we decided we might as well hit the other Whole Foods in the area. Partially because rush hour was going to be horrible if we left for home then, partially to see if they did things the same way, partially to see if we could get more "loot". We got there near the end of the evening, so some stuff had run out, and they were selling the bags instead of giving them away, but it was much more what I was expecting, most places had a granola bar or fruit leather or something of the sort, or a food to eat right then but also a temp tatoo or crayons or something. So now we have a nice little selection of healthy(ish) snacks to take with us on our trip to Disney LOL.

And how sad is it that even the "natural" toothpaste they were handing out at Whole Foods was full of stuff I'd prefer my kids not put in their mouths. They were SO excited to have their own toothpaste tubes that I didn't have the heart to tell them I didn't want them using it (and in the grand scheme of life, one sample size tube won't kill them), but I'll admit I'm hoping they'll lose interest before the tube is empty and we can go back to brushing teeth with things I'm comfortable with.

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Jamasina said...

What do you guys use instead of tooth paste?