Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shaping up to be another laid back week . . .

The girls are in a phase of not being interested in structured activities at the moment. They're doing lots of involved imaginary games.

They had a pool party for their babies in the middle of the family room yesterday. Today A is potty training Jeanie (of course this would be the doll that was MY first doll. One would think that by age almost 32 she'd be potty trained, but I must not have been as dedicated a mommy).

We've been sort of counting down on a calendar to when we leave to Disney, and I've had the other planned stuff for this month on the calendar as well. Yesterday L was asking me what day tomorrow was (because she'd decided that "tomorrow" was her baby's birthday so she needed to know when her baby's birthday was). I told her Tues. and all of a sudden she got this excited "lightbulb dawning" look on her face & said "that's the day we go to Whole Foods to Trick-or-Treat!!!" Yup, she's right. That would be this afternoon. L's pretty stuck on being a ballerina, I'm not sure which ballerina costume she's planning to wear, the actual ballerina one or a "princess dress" that has a tulle skirt that she calls a ballerina dress. Kinda guessing it'll be the princess dress one. Suprisingly, yesterday A said she wasn't going to be Ariel because she's nervous about walking thru the store in the shoes. I pointed out that she could wear different shoes, but she didn't seem to like that idea. She said "there's a whole box of dress-up clothes, I'll find something" so guess we'll see what she comes up with.

We did the first of the mechanical resists art lessons yesterday. I haven't pulled all the stickers off yet, but I THINK it did the same thing it did last time we tried something like this, and the paint soaks through the fabric enough that the defined shapes aren't going to be there. We shall see . . . perhaps it's because I use the absolute cheapest muslin, but I don't see a need to buy expensive fabric to let 4 yr olds paint on. I suspect that, if we do any additional "school" this week we'll do some of the nature stuff & we, or at least *I*, HAVE to do some of the cooking/baking to have snacks for our trip, so thinking we won't bother w/ the next to mechanical resists lessons.

Yesterday for circle time I introduced this week's memory verse for the first time. To which A looked at me like I was insane and said "how can a CHURCH pray?" reminded me that as advanced as their language and such are in many areas, they're still very concrete thinkers. Although she accepted it easily enough when I explained that it meant the people IN the church. Of course to add to the confusion, when we did the fingerplay that goes with the memory verse during bedtime stories last night, it of course uses a typical "church" motion (the same one in "here is a the church, here is the steeple") for that part of the verse, thereby reiterating that it's the building, not the people in it, sigh . . . I really wish the people who designed these lesson quarterlies had done abit more test marketing or SOMETHING to make things age appropriate in a way that the kids would be LEARNING. At least this week we have an actual Bible story for the lesson (Peter being rescued from prison by the Angel and going to the upper room). It's the first actual Bible story that's anywhere near age appropriate this month!

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