Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grandma's birthday weekend, part 1

My grandma turns 90 today (Sunday). Mom and her siblings decided since Grandma's not a fan of having a fuss made, the thing she'd like the most was to have her family around her, so mom's brother and sister came, 2 of my cousins were able to come, and in the end they were able to figure out for Grandma's sister and her husband to come (one of their grandsons is friends with our pastor so he volunteered to drive them up here to visit Uncle Bruce's brother (who lives in MD) and our family, while he visits Q), and one of my mom's cousins is coming up today (she lives in MD too, so can come up for the day). So, it's kind of a weekend of togetherness more than a specific party, which is totally Grandma's kind of thing anyway.

So, we went up for church yesterday and spent the day there. The girls did great, considering there were quite a few people they didn't know, although mom's brother & his wife were here a couple months ago so I think they at least sort of remembered them. Mom's sister & her husband and son (cousin Dennis) come up a few times a year, so the girls were excited to see them again. A especially is buddy buddy with Cousin Dennis (and while of course single, 20-something Cousin Dennis pretends to find it annoying, I think he enjoys it. As I told his sister, Jani (who's here this weekend but I don't think had met the girls prior to this, if so it was when they were still babies) he keeps coming back so he must not dislike it TOO much LOL. But generally if A wasn't running around I could find her snuggled up on Cousin Dennis's lap.

Mom said at lunchtime L was saying something about there being SO MANY people and mom told her there were more coming (Grandma's sister & Jani's husband didn't get there till yesterday afternoon, plus mom's cousin that's coming today) and L said "Oh, NO! Tell me you're joking!!!"

A told me on our way home last night, and again this morning that "at MY birthday, no grown-up talking is allowed!!" I asked if the mommies could talk while the kids played, but she's not even sure she's going to allow that LOL.

The original plan was that I'd take the girls up for most of the day today as well (dh is working), but since they were stressed by all the people I decided we'll wait and just go up this afternoon.

In other news, the girls have decreed the sourdough bread to be too sour (and I had to laugh, for dinner yesterday they had rhubarb pie for dessert (mom humored those of us who are very much NOT fans of rhubarb (or in my case, pie in general) and made brownies too) the girls had brownies and ice cream but then I guess A was asking mom what she was eating or something, so mom gave her a bite of the pie, A wasn't impressed, she said it tasted like sourdough LOL) so I don't know . . . I couldn't even get dh to try it, sigh . . . so if I'm the only one who will eat it, there's not much point in making it, we'll see . . .

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