Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

Quiet week, as already mentioned.

We baked the sourdough bread this afternoon (it had to raise 24 hours), apparently the directions forgot to mention greasing the bread pans, I wondered about it when I was putting it in the pans, but thought maybe you weren't supposed to because of letting it sit in the pans for 24 hours to raise, shrug. Anyway . . . bread smells good, just didn't come out of the pans real well. I'm letting it cool some and then I'll taste it, if it tastes good, we'll try it again but grease the pans LOL.

Kindermusik went well, the class keeps growing. The girls had fun. Class was early today because the electric company was going to be turning the electricity off in the church during our normal class time, which meant the girls were "starving" when class was over so we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Miss L (their Kindermusik teacher) and her 2 girls got there as we were finishing eating, so we stayed and chatted with them while they ate.

Last night at bedtime I pulled out the stargazing cards and showed the girls the various constellations on the ceiling of their room. They had great fun with it, and asked if we could do it again another night. If we ever have a nice uncloudy night, we'll go outside and try to find the stars out there too, but lately it's been cloudy anytime I remember to check.

Oh and I meant to post earlier in the week and forgot. When we go to the farm to get milk each week the girls go over and visit the calves while I unload the empty jars and load the milk. We ended up with an extra SS lesson quarterly this time around so it never made it in the house, I just slid it in the seat pocket with other books and such for the girls to read while we're driving. So, last week L happened to be "reading" the quarterly when we got to the farm. She told me she was going to "tell the cows about Jesus" and took the quarterly with her. I have no idea what she said, but the whole time I was getting milk she was holding the quarterly up so the calves could "see it" and talking away. So, we get there this week and she told me she was going to tell them more about Jesus. Last year for either Christmas or birthday the girls got small church hymnals. They love to hold the hymnal and "sing along" in church but they want to hold it themselves and it's heavy, so the smaller ones work better. ANYWAY they call them their "Bibles", and L's was still in the car from last week, so she took that with her and again was talking away to the calves the whole time. When she got back in the car she told me that she taught the cows that "God does not show favoritism" (this week's memory verse).

She's also, at various times when we've been driving around, been "reading" the stories from the quarterly and despite the fact that it often seems like they're not listening when I read them the lesson story, she's been able to quote the stories pretty much word for word LOL.

ETA: I just tried the bread, YUM! Finally a whole wheat sourdough that TASTES like sour dough! We'll see what dh and the girls think, but in my mind it's a keeper, now just keep fingers crossed that greasing the pan is all that's needed to get the bread to come OUT of the pans LOL.

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